Saturday, 29 March 2008

I is a aged parent

I officially became an old duffer today, and I don't know if it's a good or a bad thing. We've been doing a bit of remodelling recently and this last week has been the turn of Rosies new room. The pink palace!! She's moving into a bigger room with 'big girls' bed'... It's all pink and girlie, she even chose the colour. Painted it last weekend and this today was carpet fitting day! Dun-dun-duhn!! Started to lay the thing and realised that carpet fitters use the spiky knee bash thingy for a reason... It looks shite if you don't! Well, bugger this I thought... Rather than face the disappointment on Sally a Rosies faces at having a carpet that was crumplier than the Black Mountains, I made a spiky knee bash thingy!!! How chuffin' old am I now? My father in law makes a thingy for just about anything you can need a thingy for... Takes him all day, but he does it. Now it's my turn. Even as I realised how sad a moment I was experiencing, I also savoured the fact that my spiky knee bash thingy was fuckin' fantastic really rather useful.

Tomorrow we're going up to Ikea some fantastic bed emporium for Rosies new bed. She is practically bursting she's so pleased that she's getting this all new room, with special reading chair that cost a tenner from Harvey's. We're also getting stuff for the craft (stroke) art room, which is probably going to be all craft and stroke with bugger all art room. But all I need is a drawer for my bits and room for a couch for my nude models and I'm happy. I'd settle for just the nude model but there are comfort and H+S issues.

So it looks like I have a hard days work ahead for tomorrow so what's new? and I relish every second of the pain, blood, skinned knuckles challenge.

Wish me luck!


Lola said...

1) Good luck!
2) You ain't an old duffer till you're older than me and Andy, and, let's see, that isn't going to happen.
3) You put your bits in a drawer when you paint your nudes? Seems a bit drastic, try thinking about something else and whistling.
4) Get on with it, we're waiting for roof insulation here...

Cait O'Connor said...

Great blog.
Many happy returns for yesterday...fellow Arian.

CAMILLA said...

Brilliant blog, oh, did not know it was your big day yesterday, Camilla running like mad to choose a card.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY for yesterday.!!

WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

Oh Happy belated Birthday Moley-Bloke. The day when your kids move up into their 'big' bedroom is such a special day for them and for their parents too - worth all the hard work . . .no honestly it is. Well done for making the knee basher thingy . . . and not settling for a hillock type carpet. I mean too many hiding places if you ever decide to get Rosie a Hamster!