Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Fishy breath

I decided that I was at an age where I need help!! My memory is failing and my joints have rusted beyond repair.. Watched some crap on the telly about omega3 and how it's good for joints and boosts brain power, so I thought... "Why the hell not?" I'm taking one of those horse pill sized torpedoes in the morning with my pirate cereal.... Hmmmmm.... Problem I have now is I have to wait a month or so before I notice any results, and that means a month of horrid fishy burps that make me want to hurl!!! Watch this space....

Instant poll...........

What's worse?

1: Fishy burps

2: Vomit Breath

1 comment:

Magicchick (Sally) said...

It is your younger wifelet. If you have vomit breath or fishy burps you are not kissing me tonight!