Sunday, 7 October 2012

Swimming lessons

So... If Rosie could actually get the whole breathing thing sorted she would be really good, and on her way to being an olympic swimmer.. (she likes gold medals) . At the moment she spends half the lesson under the water doing handstands and trying to pull down the boys swimming shorts... She denies this... But boys don't scream for no reason, not when there are other boys around anyway.

Ah.. She just beat the class up the pool butterfly stylee by three quarters of the pool.. I think she is a mermaid.

Diving is something she enjoys lots of...  but only because it means she gets to spend more time under the water. Probably looking at the boys in their speedos, she is going to be a right little bugger when she has hormones and boobs and stuff. I wonder who gets to have 'the talk' with her.. Probably me no doubt. And I'll mess it up cos I'm a bloke. I've already told her she can't have a boyfriend till she's 35... That went down well!

It's just a pity the lesson only lasts half an hour.. Maybe an hour would be better, give me more time to do nowt and not have anyone bug me to do stuff.

Back to the real world of shopping and cleaning and washing and cooking and stuff.