Sunday, 7 October 2012

Swimming lessons

So... If Rosie could actually get the whole breathing thing sorted she would be really good, and on her way to being an olympic swimmer.. (she likes gold medals) . At the moment she spends half the lesson under the water doing handstands and trying to pull down the boys swimming shorts... She denies this... But boys don't scream for no reason, not when there are other boys around anyway.

Ah.. She just beat the class up the pool butterfly stylee by three quarters of the pool.. I think she is a mermaid.

Diving is something she enjoys lots of...  but only because it means she gets to spend more time under the water. Probably looking at the boys in their speedos, she is going to be a right little bugger when she has hormones and boobs and stuff. I wonder who gets to have 'the talk' with her.. Probably me no doubt. And I'll mess it up cos I'm a bloke. I've already told her she can't have a boyfriend till she's 35... That went down well!

It's just a pity the lesson only lasts half an hour.. Maybe an hour would be better, give me more time to do nowt and not have anyone bug me to do stuff.

Back to the real world of shopping and cleaning and washing and cooking and stuff.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Blues and Booze

Me and sal managed to get out with some of the old gang last night which was fantastic. We really enjoyed ourselves immensely. We went over to the Jinney Ring where there is a beer festival on over the bank holiday weekend.. Our friend Nick is in a blues combo with a guy called Mick, together they are Broke Down Engine.

They played a couple of sets and really did a great job of it. I don't know what I expected of them as I've only heard Nick play a couple of things before, but I was surpisingly very impressed. Nothing pretentious or what I would call hardcore blues, just some really nice, well executed and well received blues.. Nick's harmonica playing was impressive, didn't know he had it in him..

And I really enjoyed Micks vocals a lot. He's such a nice guy too. Never met him before, but hope to again soon.

He plays a pretty mean slide guitar believe me..

Twenty guest real ales and four nerve numbing ciders rested neatly in the beer tent... (we like a good beer tent) I had aspirations of going through them all from one to twenty...

But faltered pathetically on my fifth. People who know me will tell you that that is five times more than I normally drink in an evening... I was getting a bit drunk and a little unmanageable and innapropriate.. The beers were very well presented, perfect temperature and well rested, the perfect ales.. There was even a chocolate ale!! That went down pretty well. Made from chocolate syrups and chocolate extracts, perfect for the chocoholic alchoholic.

The company was great and it was lovely to catch up on all the gossip. We all kind of drifted apart a bit after some moving away and others of us having kids, so to meet up again was fantastic. I know we will always be on touch, it was just nice to all get together.

We still haven't arranged to go round to Nick and Pris' so it looks like a facebook poke is in the offing, or some other kind of poke at least. I'm sure it's our turn to play host, but as long as we get together who cares right?

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Oh how my bottocks yearn

This painting has been sat on my easel for bloody weeks now. And I go and take a shite photo of it!
I suppose I've been going through a bit of a 'buttock man' phase for quite a while.. Tight jeans, pencil skirts, little hipster pants... You know the script... Hey! I'm a Bloke! It's my job... But all that is coming to an end, and recent developments have heralded in the dawn of 'girlie man'... I am revisiting a craft my Gran taught me as a child, knitting... Ok, friends and workmates browsing past this post will probably yell WTF!! KNITTING? Yeah? Well fuck the lot of you.. My name is Adie and I knit... And like death metal... (put that in to boost the bloke cred)

Here's Rosie modelling her new school scarf, which seemed to take forever. I threw in a couple of 'oh bollocks' (Well, more than a few actually.) here and there to help things along.. Now I'm on with a nice little cardi to keep her warm through the early spring. It's coming along nicely too..... I'm learning new techniques, like throwing the lot across the lounge... The knit one, purl one kick the cat up the arse for 'helping' with the yarn one. Knit one, slip one, pick it back up again cos it's the wrong one... I know them all intimately now.... How quickly I learn, how fabulous I am... (positive mental attitude) I do have a big nudger, I am not overweight and I am going to trade my wife in for two eighteen year olds. (I'm like a jack russell chasing a car... Wouldn't know what to do with it if I caught one)

Watcha think.. Is this just a bit too cute... I'm going to drink lots of beer and swear a lot to get testosterone levels back up to that of a 'real man' and not some sissy assed manknitter..

I've just looked in the fridge and all I have is Pear Cider.... Not looking good is it? And that's Sally's... I'll get thumped if I have that.....

Sunday, 21 February 2010

New painting (no boobs)

Better Days

Actually I've painted lots since the last time I blogged a painting.. I just haven't been in any mood for blogging. This one is painted in acrylic and oil and is on canvas 1000 x 800 or if you want that in old money 39 x 32.. If you want to buy it then it's up for sale.. Email me...

Diving into the depths of hell

I must be the worst person ever for just throwing any kind shite into my garage.. 'where can I put this box?' Throw the fucker in the garage... Got some spare timber/bricks/bags of old clothes/books/ put the fuckers in the garage...... Need a tool?... Shit, it's under the big pile of crap in the garage.. See my problem? Well, it's not officially a problem until I need to find something that has a legitimate right to be in there..
So yesterday, I blitzed it.. I started at one end and worked my way through until I had reclaimed the lot!!! I boxed up, taped up, wrapped up and bagged up everything I don't need and dumped it ready for taking to the tip!!! Yey me!! Now I need to start on my van!! That's full of the tools I couldn't fit in the garage.
I think I've always been a bit of a procrastinator, (wife nods head like mad) and put things off until the last possible second. The problem is, I'm 48 now and not about to change any time soon.. That doesn't bode well for the garage...

Sunday, 7 February 2010

First try with iPhone app

Hi bloggfans I'm just trying out a new blogging app for my iPhone. Hopefully it will get me blogging once again after a long, long layoff

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