Saturday, 29 May 2010

Blues and Booze

Me and sal managed to get out with some of the old gang last night which was fantastic. We really enjoyed ourselves immensely. We went over to the Jinney Ring where there is a beer festival on over the bank holiday weekend.. Our friend Nick is in a blues combo with a guy called Mick, together they are Broke Down Engine.

They played a couple of sets and really did a great job of it. I don't know what I expected of them as I've only heard Nick play a couple of things before, but I was surpisingly very impressed. Nothing pretentious or what I would call hardcore blues, just some really nice, well executed and well received blues.. Nick's harmonica playing was impressive, didn't know he had it in him..

And I really enjoyed Micks vocals a lot. He's such a nice guy too. Never met him before, but hope to again soon.

He plays a pretty mean slide guitar believe me..

Twenty guest real ales and four nerve numbing ciders rested neatly in the beer tent... (we like a good beer tent) I had aspirations of going through them all from one to twenty...

But faltered pathetically on my fifth. People who know me will tell you that that is five times more than I normally drink in an evening... I was getting a bit drunk and a little unmanageable and innapropriate.. The beers were very well presented, perfect temperature and well rested, the perfect ales.. There was even a chocolate ale!! That went down pretty well. Made from chocolate syrups and chocolate extracts, perfect for the chocoholic alchoholic.

The company was great and it was lovely to catch up on all the gossip. We all kind of drifted apart a bit after some moving away and others of us having kids, so to meet up again was fantastic. I know we will always be on touch, it was just nice to all get together.

We still haven't arranged to go round to Nick and Pris' so it looks like a facebook poke is in the offing, or some other kind of poke at least. I'm sure it's our turn to play host, but as long as we get together who cares right?

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Acelessthan3 said...

Well, it sounds like someone had some fun. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed yourself and a quite jealous of the the variety of brews to try.

Plus it made for some interesting plurk-reading.