Sunday, 21 February 2010

Diving into the depths of hell

I must be the worst person ever for just throwing any kind shite into my garage.. 'where can I put this box?' Throw the fucker in the garage... Got some spare timber/bricks/bags of old clothes/books/ put the fuckers in the garage...... Need a tool?... Shit, it's under the big pile of crap in the garage.. See my problem? Well, it's not officially a problem until I need to find something that has a legitimate right to be in there..
So yesterday, I blitzed it.. I started at one end and worked my way through until I had reclaimed the lot!!! I boxed up, taped up, wrapped up and bagged up everything I don't need and dumped it ready for taking to the tip!!! Yey me!! Now I need to start on my van!! That's full of the tools I couldn't fit in the garage.
I think I've always been a bit of a procrastinator, (wife nods head like mad) and put things off until the last possible second. The problem is, I'm 48 now and not about to change any time soon.. That doesn't bode well for the garage...

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