Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Oh how my bottocks yearn

This painting has been sat on my easel for bloody weeks now. And I go and take a shite photo of it!
I suppose I've been going through a bit of a 'buttock man' phase for quite a while.. Tight jeans, pencil skirts, little hipster pants... You know the script... Hey! I'm a Bloke! It's my job... But all that is coming to an end, and recent developments have heralded in the dawn of 'girlie man'... I am revisiting a craft my Gran taught me as a child, knitting... Ok, friends and workmates browsing past this post will probably yell WTF!! KNITTING? Yeah? Well fuck the lot of you.. My name is Adie and I knit... And like death metal... (put that in to boost the bloke cred)

Here's Rosie modelling her new school scarf, which seemed to take forever. I threw in a couple of 'oh bollocks' (Well, more than a few actually.) here and there to help things along.. Now I'm on with a nice little cardi to keep her warm through the early spring. It's coming along nicely too..... I'm learning new techniques, like throwing the lot across the lounge... The knit one, purl one kick the cat up the arse for 'helping' with the yarn one. Knit one, slip one, pick it back up again cos it's the wrong one... I know them all intimately now.... How quickly I learn, how fabulous I am... (positive mental attitude) I do have a big nudger, I am not overweight and I am going to trade my wife in for two eighteen year olds. (I'm like a jack russell chasing a car... Wouldn't know what to do with it if I caught one)

Watcha think.. Is this just a bit too cute... I'm going to drink lots of beer and swear a lot to get testosterone levels back up to that of a 'real man' and not some sissy assed manknitter..

I've just looked in the fridge and all I have is Pear Cider.... Not looking good is it? And that's Sally's... I'll get thumped if I have that.....


On a limb with Claudia said...

Your painting reminds me of Sargant's Egyptian Girl. Nicely done.

Cricket said...

Wow, I love the painting! I paint as well, but can only dream of being as good as you! I've really enjoyed the photos in your blog. And beautiful little girl!!

P.S I'm adding you to my blog list links today!